Thursday, 24 May 2012

bruce lee room pa$w(_)rd (_)ra(_)ker v1


bruce lee room pa$w(_)rd (_)ra(_)ker v1

                advanced software
  this software for cracking room pa$w(_)rd it have advanced features you must have 2 ids with same pa$w(_)rd
  you must add that 2 ids in contact list otherwise not working and you must joined username1 in where you
  want to ()-r_a()k in that room joined there all alert messages can show you to know what happening in room

  if room owner locked room automatically cracking room pa$w(_)rd if you kicked in room then automatically

  re joined if you are b@_n_n-e_d alert message shows when you ready to fl(-)(_)d just use this soft enter id in that

  your victim room then start fl(-)(_)d if room locked automatically h+@_(_)_k+-i-n_g pa$w(_)rd

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

bruce lee fl(-)(_)d ids checker v2

 this software for checking fl(-)(_)d ids working are not if working ids then separted and copy then save that ids

   this version updated than previous version

   fixed errors and bugs

   software space also decreased

   created by

   visit  and visit

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

bruce lee status changer v1

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Bruce Lee Status Changer V1 For Nimbuzz

       when we have so many messages to show our contact users then this software useful every timer interval

       then status message changed i already put 2000 that is recommended fill your status message like this example

       hello#how are you# all my friends #bruce lee  like that fill your status messages then click generate status messages button

       and click start status changing button then started if you want to stop status changing then click stop status changing button to

       stop changing status 

       Download video to know how to use this software

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

bruce lee fl(-)(_)d ids checker v1

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Bruce Lee fl(-)(_)d Ids checker v1 for nimbuzz

  Now a days we dont know which our f-l+()-d-s ids working or not so i created this software

  to know how many ids are working are not

  easy to use this software when checking ids compelted then click load ids button to load ids after click copy ids button to copy

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

bruce lee add f-l(_)d-e_r v1


Bruce lee add f-l(_)d-e_r v1 for nimbuzz

   best add f-l(_)d-e_r for nimbuzz slow add f-l(_)d-e_r and unlimited add f_l-(_)d-!_ng


   your usernames like this bruce1#bruce#lee  like that

   ids counter feature have just paste your ids in usernames then see in ids counter status

   all fl(-)(_)d ids  have same pa$w(_)rd otherwise not working

   target id put there your victim id and click generate ids button then start add fl(-)(_)d button

   you can see in login sucess ids status box and you can see login failed ids in status box

   when add f_l-(_)d-!_ng started then wait and see slow add fl(-)(_)d works and unlimited  :)

   Note:- this software have 10Mb disk space because i added game of death bruce lee song in soft

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

bruce lee password (ra(ker v1


Bruce lee pa$w(_)rd (_)ra(_)ker v1 for nimbuzz

 (1) Target id put with out

 (2) Download pass list are make your own and put in text file and save that

 (3) you must load pass list click open text file button then select pass text file in your pc

 (4) when you ready to cracking then click start cracking button to start cracking  pa$w(_)rd

 (5) when cracking started you can see if id login or failed in status box

 (6) if login sucess your target id then message will shown

 (7) if your net speed then cracking also fast


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Saturday, 7 April 2012

bruce lee room locker v1


Bruce lee room locker v1 For nimbuzz  

     This Software For Nimbuzz Chat Room locker

     what the purpose of this tool

     when your room f_l-(_)d-!_ng by flooders then you cant lock your room with this software you can easily lock your room and safe from flooders

     Note:- room locking only works for owner id so you must use owner id of your room

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